When you need a new strata manager, we can save your time and effort by tendering for strata managers, and guide you through the whole change process.

The information in our Strata Records Report can give you the confidence to re-negotiate your purchase from an informed position, the confidence to walk-away from a potential purchase or the peace of mind to proceed with your purchase.

If you don’t understand how to deal with your strata issues, we can guide you through the maze.

Strata Pulse is an member of Strata Community Association (WA).

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    Rob Klemm

    Rob Klemm has been involved in strata since 2009 and is the business owner. He has extensive experience and knowledge obtained in the management of residential and commercial strata properties, old and new, small and large. He understands the strata industry and the needs of owners, potential purchasers and Council of Owner members. Rob was the Head of the Strata Department at Vicus Strata and General Manager at Exclusive Strata Management, and had years of practical experience as a strata manager. Rob’s strengths are in assisting the strata owners and Council of Owners to resolve their problems, whether these are technical strata matters or mediating with difficult owners.