Case Study: My Unit is Unliveable!

My unit is unlivable. Should have got a strata report

Most people buy their strata unit and have relatively few problems. But sometimes things can go wrong.

Take the extreme case of Samantha (not real name) who was forced from her unit because of the actions of another owner. This is an extreme case, but extreme situations happen in the real world.

With the help of her parents, Samantha purchased her first property. It was her dream come true. Her new home was near the city, and she could get on a bus and be at her desk in 10 minutes.

But within a few days of moving into her unit, she realised there was a problem.

The person in the unit above played loud music every night, into the early hours, while continually banging on the floor. She couldn’t sleep. This person verbally abused other residents, and soon she was the focus of his relentless abuse. Samantha found out these problems started more than 10 years earlier, and were caused by mental health issues.

Restraining orders were issued on behalf of Samantha and other residents but these proved to be ineffective. A lawyer estimated that it could cost over $50,000 to pursue the matter.

Samantha is suffering stress-related health problems and has been forced to move back with her parents. After more than a year she is still paying the mortgage for her unit which is still empty. She feels abandoned and does not know where to turn.

How could Samantha have avoided this horrible situation?

An inspection of the records of the strata company would have revealed the behaviour of the problem owner and Samantha could have avoided her purchase.

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