4 Steps to changing your strata manager

4 Steps to change your strata management company in Perth

The decision to change your strata management company can be difficult. Unfortunately, you may have some disruption as you build a relationship with your new strata manager. However, if you choose a quality strata manager it will be worth the effort.

The Council of Owners can dismiss the strata management company when the agreement expires. In addition, the strata management agreement can be terminated if the strata manager breaches the terms of the agreement.

The Council can take the steps below to change your strata management company:

Step 1. The Council Of Owners Must Agree.

The Council must agree at a Council meeting to dismiss the current strata management company. A written termination notice must be sent to the strata management company to comply with the strata management agreement.

Step 2. Get Quotes From Quality Strata Management Companies.

It is important to take the time to identify experienced, qualified and high-performing strata management companies. Therefore, your new strata manager should receive on-going strata industry training, be an accredited strata manager, and Strata Community Association (WA) membership is strongly preferred.

Finding a quality strata management company can be difficult without experience. The Council can save time, stress and effort by using Strata Pulse.

Step 3. Council Agrees On A New Strata Management Company

The Council agrees to a shortlist of strata management companies. After that, a Council meeting should be called to decide which strata management candidate will be the new strata manager.

Step 4. Handover To Your New Strata Manager

Once the Council has made their decision, the new strata management company should be notified. Then, the new strata manager will arrange the handover.

Anyone can start a strata management business in Perth because licensing, qualifications and experience are not required.

To save your time and effort in finding a quality strata management company to manage your strata investment. Let Strata Pulse guide you through the whole process.