It can be difficult understanding how strata works. Strata Pulse aims to make strata simple for owners and Council members.

* Are you unhappy with your strata manager? Does your Council need to change the strata management company, but don’t know what to do next? Save your time, effort and stress. We can guide you through the whole process at no cost to the strata company.

* Are you in dispute with another owner or the strata company? We can provide basic assistance.

* Do you need someone to attend a general meeting as your proxy holder for a fixed fee?

* Don’t understand what is happening at your strata property? Contact us for general strata consultant assistance. While we cannot provide legal advice, we may be able to help you shape meaningful questions to your strata manager or Council.

* If you want to buy a strata unit get a strata records report before you commit to understand what you are buying.

* For general strata issues let our strata consultant service assist you.

Your strata manager is an excellent source of information and should be your first point of contact. But if you need more, contact us on ph. (08) 9301 4020 for strata consultant advice.

If we can assist you with some basic strata advice in a few minutes, we will be pleased to help at no charge. If your issue requires more time you may choose to engage our strata consultant services. If your issue is legal you will be referred for legal strata advice.

Please note that Strata Pulse cannot offer legal advice.

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